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ABC+ Warranty is the most cost effective structural Warranty available in the UK.

A Ten Year Structural Warranty

Would you like the peace of mind of having a ten year warranty to cover significant structural defects? Or perhaps your purchaser is demanding a full Structural Warranty also known as latent defects insurance. Do you want to upgrade from the CML Certificate? Then you need our ABC+ warranty service.

We can offer our unique warranty ABC+, which is our premium service to the client and bank. In addition to the OPTION 1. CML, now known as UK Finance Certificate, you will also receive our ABC+ Warranty. Remember that with our unique system it is possible to start with Option 1, the CML, now known as UK Finance Certificate and then upgrade to Option 2, a ABC+ Warranty, if later preferred. This type of warranty is an insurance policy which covers against structural defects.

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