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ABC+ Warranty

ABC+ Warranty is the most cost effective structural Warranty.

Peace Of Mind?

A Ten Year Structural Warranty to cover significant structural defects.

Upgrade from the CML Certificate! why not use our ABC+ warranty service.

We offer a unique warranty at ABC+, which is our premium service to the client and bank. In addition to the OPTION 1. CML, now known as UK Finance Certificate.


You will also receive our ABC+ Warranty. Remember that with our unique system, it is possible to start with Option 1, the CML, now known as the UK Finance Certificate and then upgrade to Option 2, an ABC+ Warranty, if later preferred. This type of warranty is an insurance policy which covers structural defects.

Professional Consultancy Certificates & Building Warranties

Here at RA Design we offer Professional Consultancy Certificates often known as ( PCC's) They provide the reassurance that construction work has been carried out in a way that is compliant with Building Regulations and any contractual instructions for the purposes of securing a mortgage on a property. 

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